About Me

My Writing Story

I've loved writing since I was a child —telling stories really. All kinds. So naturally, I became a nurse. After a long career in healthcare, I had achieved all I wanted. Through B2B writing I have been able to channel all of my natural empathy, compassion, and love for helping others to create persuasive, informative and helpful content.  

I am a Sucker for a Success Story

You know those people who can't get through a sad movie without a box of tissues handy? I'm not like those people. I never cry at sad things. You know what does get me choked up? Award shows, the finale of a talent competition, college graduations, when I find out a friend got a great promotion at work. Witnessing success touches me deeply.   

The Perpetual Student

If I could find a way to make a living as a student, I would sign up immediately. Instead, I take classes, attend workshops, and learn all I can about the newest trends in SEO, inbound marketing, content, and web design.  

What I Write

In the beginning, I imagined myself settling into the well-carved-out niche of medical writing. While that does come naturally to me, I have discovered that I love the research and learning process. Especially, I love tackling the most complex technical topics and creating highly-readable content that informs and delights.  

My Philosphy

I write authority content. That doesn't mean that I know it all. It does say that I know how to find the people who do.  

Why Should You Hire Me?

Let's start with some reasons you shouldn't hire me.  
1. You have an endless supply of fresh, insightful content —or all the time in the world to create it. Either way!
2. Success isn't your thing.
3. You're fine being on the 10th page of Google results - Hey! At least you are there!
4. You don't buy into all that inbound marketing mumbo jumbo.  

If none of these fit, and you are still on the fence. Allow me to persuade you. Connect with me today and receive a free 30-minute content marketing brainstorming session! 

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